Sunday, March 13, 2011

life. ain't it funny?

So. life.
I was just thinking about how life changes so much.
When you're five years old, all you can think about is having fun. You dream of becoming a princess, an astronaut, a firefighter, blah blah blah.
Then you become twelve years old and all you can think about is your friends and the crush you have at the moment. This is also when you're going through your awkward stage (well this was the beginning of mine.... mine lasted a while though). Everyone is in their ugly stage. Except those lame people that have been pretty their entire lives. Being pretty is overrated.
Time goes on, and you become sixteen years old. This is the stage where you forget about your family and only care about dating, driving, and friends. A stage many youngins go through a lot longer than they should. Everyone cares what everyone else thinks. This was when I found out who the real Lindsay Judd was. Great breakthrough.
Next you graduate high school and this is the stage where you have to truly find yourself. You have to become an independent individual and find what makes you tick and search for a future career. This happens to be the stage I am currently in. (yes, STILL). I'm in the latter part of this stage. I found out who I was my first year at Westminster. I was completely broken down and I learned to rely on the things that really matter. Worst but best year of my life.
Now I'm searching for a future career. And let me tell you, it is NOT easy. Struggle struggle struggle. I just don't know what I'd be good at! So this is my current predicament. I'm in need of some guidance.

Other than that, life is FANTASTIC. Seriously. I am so blessed :)
I have:

  • a great family
  • AMAZING friends
  • fun times
  • once in a lifetime opportunities
  • so many OPTIONS!
Among other things.

Lovin' life. No regrets. Yet :)

Ok, see ya never.