Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nervousnessness to its highest degree. oh boy.

I have just returned to the blogging world--it's been a busy break!
So here i am.... and i have gained a nervosity (definitely a new word that just came to me; means being nervous beyond the reasonable amount) that i can't get over.

You see, i move out to Logan in 11 days. Solely on my own. Completely alone. Just me. and i am FREAKING OUT! I have never been completely alone before, first of all, and second of all I don't know anyone there and third of all I don't have soccer in my life. Without soccer, I don't have immediate friends, I have to actually put myself out there if I want a social life, and I am out of shape. bahhhhhhh and this is only the beginning of my nervosity. I have an entire LIST!

List of nervosity:
1. sooooooo alone.
2. no friends.
3. no soccer.
4. no money.
5. no job.
6. i don't know my roommates.
7. i have to share a room with someone.
8. i will now be in a university setting and not a private school one.
9. which means that I will get lost. NO doubt in my mind.
10. Will i gain a social life????

This is just a tiny list of the amount of nervousness that I have.

But on the other hand.... I am VERY excited! I get to move out of my house, experience being truly alone and seeing how I cope with it, I get to meet a ton of new people and have new experiences, and I am away from Westminster. All great things!
I am going to miss Lehi a ton though. Living at home, I've gotten to meet some amazing people and reconnect with old friends. I've gained a love for my singles ward and I'm seriously heartbroken I have to leave it. I finally made friends and I enjoy going to church every week! I love Lehi. It is the best place to live!
I am definitely loving my life right now and i can only hope that utah state adds to it. i need to have a better experience than i did at Westminster or, you know what readers of my blog, I am a lost cause! ha I feel like utah state is a university that was MADE for someone like me.

So there it is. My feelings typed out on a website where the entire world and their dog can read them. My apologizes for freakin out back there. I feel better now, don't worry :)

old friends that mean the world to me :) Maddie, Shayla, Hilary, and Kammi

new best friends. they are the GREATEST! i love them :) zackerias lorin and chasey

old friends who always make me laugh :) maggie and miss kelly.

newest friends. they are the best! :) joelson, michael, paulie, and kate the great

BILLIAM!!!!!!! ahhhh i love her! 

craaaaazy friends :) brooklyn and neeeeecole.

LANDO! he is a wonderful person. :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

christhmus is hurr. hip hip hooRAY!

So, tis the season.

I've learned I can't truly appreciate the Christmas holidays until finals are DOOOOONE. Over and DONE. Why do teachers feel like it's necessary to torture us like this? It does nothing good for my brain and the stress makes me want to shoot something with a gun. Preferably myself. Not suicidal I promise. :) Only during finals week.

Anyway, on to happier subjects. Like my to do list during Christmas break!
I have so many things I want to do!! But who to do them with? The world may never know.
1. Ice skating
2. Temple Square
3. Sledding
4. Build a snowman
5. EPIC snowball battle
6. Construct a snow fort
7. Enjoy New Year's Eve in St. Geezy with mi familia and familia.... friends.
8. Make Jello snow.... (in memory of Fatty)
9. Build the world's greatest gingerbread house
10. Pajama party in my onesie (childish I know, but I can live in the past right?)

If I can't accomplish these ten things, I'll just have to do them up at UTAH STATE.

I also want to go to a Jazz game. I almost got the son of John Stockton to take me to a Jazz game. Do you know how much fun that would be?! I almost talked Michael into it and then.... one thing led to another... and we didn't go.

Speaking of JOHN STOCKTON. I neeeeeeed to write about my experience.
He comes to the Westminster basketball games to see Michael play and I have wanted to introduce myself to him for about.... a year and a half. So on the amazing night of December the fourth, John Stockton was sitting behind me in the stands and I decided that on that night, I was going to do it.
So the game ends and I'm sitting there talking to some friends and I see Michael Stockton walk over to his parents and my friend pushed me and said "Here's your chance!" So I walk over and as I'm walking my temperature is rising..... My hands start getting clammy.... And I have a ridiculously giddy smile on my face. I walk over and give Michael a hug and told him he had a good game. He then proceeds to leave me standing alone with his parents. (Later he said that he left to see if I could muster up the courage to actually do it). As I'm standing there THE John Stockton starts talking to me. Here's the conversation:
John (we're on a first name basis): What's your name again?
Me: Lindsay Judd, nice to meet you! What's your name (turning to his wife)?
Wife: skfjlfjd (I can't remember her name....)
Me: Oh nice to meet you! I see you guys at every game, you guys are such loyal parents! I'm on the soccer team and my parents wouldn't travel with us... haha
John: Oh it's because Michael is a senior! Can't miss any games! What year are you?
Me: I'm a sophomore, so maybe they'll make it to my senior games.
John: Hopefully!
Me: Well it was great meeting you!
John and Wife: Yes maybe we'll see you again!
Me: For sure! See ya!

Then ended the best conversation of my life. Well.... kinda.

Sorry for the long post but I had to tell the story!
I thought of a great line to end this post with and so it goes:
            I accomplished my mission in life so what's holding you from accomplishing yours??
Smart eh? :)

Sadly I didn't get a picture with John so this is the best we got.
He's up in the left hand corner.... ha

Since I didn't get any pictures with John, here's some pictures of Michael and I!
First time I met Michael Stockton!

Neon DANCE! Best dance ever. 

Again, Michael and I.... ha

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Missions. Missions. Missions.

Ok I know missions are MOST DEFINITELY a necessity for a boy who ever wants to mature correctly but why must they take my best friends away from me for two whole years???? I mean I have a HUGE testimony about missions and all but when they started picking my friends off one by one, i became quite concerned! Ya see.... I go to a school where mormons are.... let's just say we aren't very high on the social food chain. The non-mormon children mostly don't want anything to do with us unless a) we flirt a loooooooot b) we don't keep the standards of the church and c) we dress slutty. yippee for wearing practically nothing. So my friends from Lehi were my only source of a social life and now we've got girls comin out the ying yang and absolutely no boys. So then what happens to our dating life?? It goes down the pooper that's for dang sure. So this post is about my beeeeeeeest guy friends who are now on missions. God Bless.
Master Eythan Barney III

Eythan Barney has been my friend since I was about 4 years old. I remember the first time I met him.... walking down the cul-de-sac to fetch an animal and I just happened to come over while the Barney family was moving in. Since then Eythan has been my ULTIMATE best friend. We had a few years of what we like to call "the dark ages" where we didn't talk much and I'm sad we missed out on those few years :( he just barely left on Wednesday and I miss him like crazy. I got to go to his setting apart, which was a really neat experience. I love this kid and I can't wait til he comes home because basically he's not gettin rid of me. Lifelong friends :) 


Westo Jensen and I have known each other since grade school but we were never really friends. Like ever. In fact, I'll be honest, he kinda bugged me. But this last year I got to know him and we started hanging out a ton and I came to love the kid! He's hilarious. Him, Huey, Isaiah, Eythan- they all acted gay together. I don't know why. But they obviously thought it was the cool thing to do so props to them. Westo left just 3 weeks ago and I can't believe he's gone. He had a vision of all of us when the guys get back. His vision was we all marry each other so we can all still hang out. Great plan right? I sense there would be some minor flaws but overall it seems practically fool proof..... not. ha Gotta love Westo :)


Oh Houston Wright. How I have always loved you. ha Hue here left like 2 months ago! Boy time flies! Houston and I met sophomore year of high school and we knew each other but it wasn't until after high school that we really became friends.  We started hanging out because my lovely friend Nicole and him hung out and Nicole wanted me in on that so.... how could I resist?? I mean look at him, he's so fun to look at :) hahaha We had some GREAT times before he left. Moab, Heber, and just all the hang out sesh's we had. Gosh I miss him. Ohhhh Hue. Love you.

Fatty Caleb

Don't be fooled by my nickname for Caleb here. He's the skinniest guy I know. But calling him fatty was seriously the best. One time, that I personally will never forget, we were playing SPAZ on his pool table and somehow he fell and landed on a wooden chest full of toys and the lid snapped. Right in half. As Caleb landed on it. hahahaha I about DIED from laughing. The funniest part was the I had already been calling him fatty but in that moment, he completely lived up to the nickname. We became practically best friends when we graduated high school. He was the most loyal texting buddy I have ever had. We would make fun of each other constantly and he aaaaaaaalways had a comeback. I miss Caleb more than I thought I would. He was so easy to talk to and so easy to make fun of.... :) I seriously love Caleb, he's absolutely the best. I hope we stay friends when he gets home. Love you Caleb Freeman.

Michael Gregory Babcock love of my life

Mike Babcock and I date all the way back to 9th grade. Ya see, our friend Kaci introduced him to me and I thought he was the hottest kid on the planet. Every time we would see him, I would get all hot and my stomach would start freaking out. I thought it was love for sure. Me and Mike started IM-ing (ya know, back when it was cool) and he told me he liked me and i was NUMBER ONE on his top five list! (again, something that was hip when i was a child) I about DIED when he told me! I seriously thought I had died and gone to heaven. So Michael and I held hands. Twice. I know I know, great stuff. Then one day we were IM-ing. Again. And he told me he didn't like me anymore. I thought I'd be heartbroken.... BUT. I immediately stopped liking him and from that moment on... we were best friends. Craaaaaaazy right?? We told each other EVERYTHING. We would sneak out and talk, we always had heart to hearts, he was the first person i called when Felix and I had our falling out and I bawled on the phone to him for hours. Mike has a special place in my heart. I don't know what I'd do without him. I can't wait til he comes home :) katinkaingabagovninahnah. 

Bren Bren Meregildo

Brenny boy I have also known since I was about five. What do you expect growing up in Lehi?? We, too, were never super close until jr high. That was when he dated Kayla and boy was their relationship strong. I seriously thought they were gonna get married. But then they broke up... and we all had Spanish together... and I have always had a crush on this kid (just look at his face; he's gorgeous; could you blame me?) so I had Kayla on one side and Brennan on the other. That class was the BOMB. Ann Marie can attest to that. This was when me and Brennan really hit it off. We became super tight and we talked all the time and blah blah. You know the usual. Then in high school, he became extreeeeeeeeeeemely popular and forgot about us little ppl for a while but then he returned and graced us with his presence and my heart could beat once again. I miss Meregildo so much! And boy will I always love him.

I have the best friends in the entire world. I loved getting to know them all and spending time with them was the greatest. I miss them all. I know time goes by fast but who knows what'll happen in two years!!? A whole lot of something or a whole lot of nothing could happen. Guess we'll have to wait and see....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let's just take one step at a time.

I'm writing another post because I'm sitting at home bored. I've been asked the question:
What is your 2010 theme song?????
So here I am, looking through iTunes at my 1,238 songs and about halfway through I found it!!

One Step at a Time by Jordin Sparks

Hurry up and wait
So close, but so far away
Everything that you've always dreamed of
Close enough for you to taste
But you just can't touch

You wanna show the world, but no one knows your name yet
Wonder when and where and how you're gonna make it
You know you can if you get the chance
In your face as the door keeps slamming
Now you're feeling more and more frustrated
And you're getting all kind of impatient waiting

We live and we learn to take
One step at a time
There's no need to rush
It's like learning to fly
Or falling in love
It's gonna happen and it's
Supposed to happen that we
Find the reasons why
On step at a time

You believe and you doubt
You're confused, you got it all figured out
Everything that you wished for
Could be yours, should be yours, would be yours
If they only knew

You wanna show the world, but no one knows your name yet
Wonder when and where and how you're gonna make it
You know you can if you get the chance
In your face as the door keeps slamming
Now you're feeling more and more frustrated
And you're getting all kind of impatient waiting

We live and we learn to take
One step at a time
There's no need to rush
It's like learning to fly
Or falling in love
It's gonna happen and it's
Supposed to happen that we
Find the reasons why
On step at a time

When you can't wait any longer
But there's no end in sight
It's the faith that makes you stronger
The only way you get there
Is one step at a time

Take one step at a time
There's no need to rush
It's like learning to fly
Or falling in love
It's gonna happen and it's
Supposed to happen that we
Find the reasons why
On step at a time

One step at a time
There's no need to rush
It's like learning to fly
Or falling in love
It's gonna happen and it's
Supposed to happen that we
Find the reasons why
On step at a time

This song describes my life completely. I have been attending Westminster College for about a year and a half and I still have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life. The tragedy. I started out with nursing classes but I came to the realization that I am not nursing material. It is insane how much work nursing classes take. Now I'm not saying that other majors aren't as hard but nursing was slightly ridiculous. Anyways, back to the song. I am now transferring to Utah State to see what my life leads to next. I still have no clue what to major in but as the song states: there's no need to rush. What exactly am i rushing towards anyways? Life after college doesn't seem quite as thrilling as the college life. Working constantly and being in the "real world" is not something i'm looking forward to. I want to live in this stage of my life as long as possible. 

Jordin Sparks smartly sings about how it's the faith that makes us stronger when the end isn't in sight. Words of advice ladies and gentlemen. I have struggled with this. I came to the conclusion that my life is going nowhere fast and I have no end in sight at all. I barely know what I will be wearing the next day, let alone 5 years down the path. All i know is that in 5 years, i wanna be married, have a job that i truly enjoy, surrounded by friends and family, and just be lovin my life. That's what most people want (unless you truly hate society and everyone in it; if that's so, i tip my hat to you). 

I have a lot of kinks to work out, but who doesn't? I procrastinate, I judge occasionally, I'm basically the standard teenager. But I've learned a lot since graduating from high school and I feel like i've matured and grown a lot. I know i'll figure out what to do with my life; all i need to do is take one step at a time. :)

Just some pictures displaying me enjoying my teenage years :)

Comedy Sports with my girls :)

my new besties :)

the best trip ever to St. George with the girls I'll miss
Until next post... 

The Excitement of starting a blog. Let me tell ya.

I've wanted to start a blog for a while now.... a whole two weeks. So today, my dear friend KATE says to me: you should start a blog, I will follow it :) And my thought process was, here's my chance... I can start a blog and now I have some motivation! Someone will actually READ IT! Imagine that. So here I am... a blog started.... and I'm speechless. I have no clue what to talk about. I actually have cyberspace fright.

What's the point of a blog anyways? Is it like a personal journal online where anyone in the world can read it? Doesn't sound very trustworthy. Is it like a vent sesh with blogspot where all it will do is listen and not interrupt and have no input at all? Sounds like my kind of friend.... not.

Wow, wasn't this post worth reading?? I can only imagine the joyful posts that there are to come...
Enjoy :)