Friday, June 17, 2011


Hello my name is Mary Catherine Gallager. (Superstar anyone?)

My mind is a bit of a mess right now.
No please let me explain.

I have finally organized my life and realized that the social aspect of life isn't everything. I've been working, training, and coaching a lot and I'm really lovin it!

Here's where the mess comes into play.
There's still the major factor playing a role in my chaos. I've been focused on marketing lately... I feel as though I'd be real nifty at that sorta stuff. But I NEED to get rid of the doubts in my mind. Workin on it don't worry.
Next thing adding to my mind's unrest is: dating. Surprise surprise. I won't even expand on that. Well... ok... maybe just a bit. So long story short: I found out that this supposedly influential guy in my life was actually using me. Not the first time. This one sucked uber bad though because he started out as close to perfect as anything but now he just needs to leave. Lucky for me, that is what is happening in approximately one month and ten days. Who's counting down?
The last thing (that I can currently think of) that is boggling my mind is: my mother has recently been diagnosed with MS. It is definitely taking its toll on my family. My siblings don't really understand what MS is so it hasn't truly affected them.... yet. I, on the other hand, am a CNA and therefore I worked with people who need assistance with their daily lives. And I happen to take care of multiple people who have MS. The day it really hit me that my mom had MS, I was at work and one of the ladies is incontinent and she was soooo frustrated with how things were panning out and all of the sudden this picture of my mom came into my head and I lost it. I hated that my mom would be there one day. I'm doing all I can to help her stay strong and have the courage to fight for as long as it takes. If any of you know my mother, you know that she is beyond strong. I do believe this trial in my family is bringing us together and I'm super grateful for the family I was given.

Aaaaaaaaanyway, enough moping. Even with all these thoughts racing through the maze in my head, I'm still extremely happy. I can't wait for the rest of summer. Bring it on.

I'm grateful for you :)
Ancestors protect me.

I hosted a flour fight :)

Luis Armenta. Love him.

Reunited :)