Thursday, December 20, 2012


It has been one whole year since finding out about something that changed my life and my family forever. I can't believe it's been a year. What a long, rough year. But it was full of so many blessings. When I found out about my dad, I thought my life was over. I couldn't even believe what was happening. For the first four months, I was in a state of depression that I never thought I would get out of. My poor roommates had to deal with my dead self and I'll be forever grateful for them because they did. I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. I felt responsible for my family. After about four months, I started to feel happy again about little things and I started seeing some of the blessings in my life. Once summer hit, I thought I was back to my old self because I had such a blast this past summer. That, in and of itself, was a MAJOR blessing. It made me realize that I do have friends that care about me and that there are things in life that are fun! Summer was like an escape for me. I didn't really feel like I was living my life. It was like a dream. Once school started, I was back to stressing about little things and worrying once more. I then started seeing how I had been affected by this whole thing in other ways than the obvious ones. I had lost complete trust in any males. I had lost all of my self confidence. I struggled with church. I had a LOT of hatred inside of me. Among other things. Man. One year... I've learned a lot about myself and my family and others. I know that I have a long way to go before I'm myself again. But I'm getting there :) I'm grateful for the friends in my life. I'm very grateful for the relationship with my mom that has grown more than she'll ever know. 

I don't really enjoy writing serious blog posts ha felt like I should do it though! Phew. It's over. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

my life be like.

So.... hey. It's been a while. This is long ps. But totally worth it.
My life is extremely boring right now. I work. I go to school. I eat sometimes. I sleep for a little bit. And that is my life. All semester. I'm exciting, I know.

I just really felt like blogging today. And considering the fact that I have nothing going on in my life right now, I've decided to venture into the past and tell quite an exciting story.

And so it begins...

Once upon a time, it was Labor Day 2012. Every year my family and I go to the Blackfoot Fair for Labor Day for the horse races but this year our plans fell through. I still wanted to go. So I sent a little text out and asked if anyone would be interested in joining me for the Blackfoot festivities. Most people weren't in Logan, a few had to do homework, and others just didn't respond (I'm cool, I know). BUT 3 lucky lucky girls texted me back and said they would love to go! These lucky girls were Alli, Brikelle, and Kellianne. Three of the most random girls. Random in the fact that none of them knew each other. They were three friends from completely different friend groups of mine. So Labor Day morning I'm getting all ready to go and my boss texts me and tells me I have to work that afternoon. I was LIVID. I texted every person I work with trying to get it covered. The time was quickly approaching that we had planned to leave at and I had lost all hope in getting my shift covered so I texted those girls and told them I would be unable to go to the fair and that my heart was shattered.


Not ten minutes later I miraculously received a text from one of my co-workers and I GOT MY SHIFT COVERED. Hallelujah. I then texted the girls and told them we were back on. Fifteen minutes later, we were on the road. Introductions went around and then we just talked the whole drive there :) Upon our arrival in Blackfoot, we were starving. We decided to eat at Taco Time.

After eating, we all felt.... DISGUSTING. That Taco Time did a number on our stomachs. We then traveled down the road and saw about a billion people and cars (exaggerated). We were like, "parking is going to SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK." But lo and behold there was a parking spot right by an entrance to the fair. We done did take that spot in the blink of an eye. We said to ourselves "today is gonna be a good day."
After standing in a fairly short line, we got up to the front and there were 5 signs surrounding the ticket window.

Yes, you read it correctly. The horse races were CANCELLED. (Yes they spelled cancelled wrong). We were devastated. Devastated. So we stepped aside and held a meeting deciding whether we should stay or go find something else to do in Idaho (unlikely, I mean come on, it's Idaho). We finally decided to go in and see what else was in the fair. In the fair, we walked through the farmer's market and then we walked through this barn with a ton of animals in it.

After the animals we walked through the RVs. They were ginormous. After the RVs we saw a shark encounter. Yes, a shark encounter. In Blackfoot, Idaho. So we got there a half an hour before the next show and we sat down to wait. The fair was BOOOOOORING. In my mind I'm thinking, wow what a waste of money, time, and effort. I felt terrible telling these girls it would be fun and it wasn't at all. While sitting at the shark encounter I decided to google things to do in Idaho to see if there was anything else to do. I chose the first website and it just listed things like golfing or hiking. At the bottom of the list it said skydiving in Caldwell, Idaho. We had no idea where that was so we called the number as a joke and it happened to be four hours from Blackfoot. So we just started joking about how funny it would be if we went skydiving. As a joke I looked up the number to the skydiving place in Ogden and called. While I was on the phone, we were all like... what if we did go skydiving? The Ogden place answered and said they had a free spot at 4:30pm that day. It was 2pm when we called. We would be cutting it very close but we put our names down and booked it out of the fair! Running to the car, we were dying about how we drove clear to Idaho to decide to go skydiving. We thought it was the best story ever.
 Those were our faces. So we drove. and drove. and drove. While we were driving, we were laughing about how spontaneous we were being. I mean we were not prepared to go skydiving at all. I personally have no money to spend. Brikelle was in cowboy boots. Alli was in a skirt. Kellianne decided not to go (bless her heart) because her and her boyfriend wanted to go together.

And we slept. a little. We had to prep ourselves.

And we arrived!!! This is us signing our lives away. I couldn't believe I was actually there. It's been a dream of mine to go skydiving!

We were all shaking. And laughing. For no reason.

This was about the time Alli started freaking out.

We were nervous. Yes it looks like I peed my pants. I promise I didn't.

Kellianne stayed and played photographer for us.

I repped the zebra stripes well I thought.

She was really nervous. But excited. But still nervous.

Brikelle was lovin' erry second.


Thuggin. Always.

Ready as ever. Cone heads.

This was when I realized what I was actually doing.

We went SKYYYYYYYYY DIVIN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best day of my life. Most spontaneous, random, exhilarating day ever.

Worth every penny.

ooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhh.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

bummer summer. i think not.


Guys. Seriously. Life is wonderful.
I found a job. A full time job at that. I never have to work nights or weekends. Man oh man is that great.
I have SUPER roommates. I miss my old roommates. A lot. But I love my new one :)
I got in to the Marketing program. Yes, yes I did. I'm very excited about this.

Let me just explain an average day.
Work 7-3.
FUN 3-midnight. This includes sand volleyball, fires, ultimate frisbee, BBQ, games, friends, eating.
Then every night Anna and I fall asleep to a Disney movie.
That, my friends, is the life. Right thurr.

I hope I didn't just jinx my summer completely. But it's nice to have some good things happening to me for a change :) I'm very grateful. It's been a struggle since Thanksgiving because of my father and I'm very glad I have finally found happiness :) I've completely dropped the dating game and I feel fantastic! It's like a giant weight has been lifted from me. It'll come when it comes. I need to work on me right now and I've definitely realized that. I have trusting issues. BIG trusting issues. With guys. Unfortunately. But it'll pass!

I'm so glad I think I feel comfortable enough to put this on here. It's whatevs. If you guys bother to read it you might as well know my crap... Don't you love trying to make your blog entertaining to other people? It's a struggle. So please feel entertained by this. Or else I won't feel accomplished... Ok I'll be absolutely fine if you aren't entertained. Let's be honest.

Well children. Three cheers for summer. Let dem good times rollllllllll.  Shalom.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

just one thing to say.

Sister Ann Marie Hyde

Look how freakin CUTE she is! Man. We have known each other for forever and I absolutely love her. She has to leave me for 18 months. But it's for good reasons. She gets to spread the best and the truest gospel in the entire universe to the wonderful people in California.

We have one of those friendships where even if we don't talk for a while, when we see each other, it's like we  were never apart! She's definitely one of my lifelong best friends and I will totally miss the crap right out of her.

Luckily... she'll be back.

I love her. Probably more than she knows! She's the best. And such a role model to everyone. We kinda look like family. I'd be happy to call her my sister.

Don't worry, I told her that if she sees David Archuleta in the MTC to get a picture with him and tell him about me. I'm willing to wait for him. Always.

Godspeed Sister Hyde and God be with you til we meet again :)

Gotta go peeps, I'm about to have my last supper with THE Ann Marie Hyde.
Uhhh buhhh byee now.

oh the days of boredom.

You know those days where really all you do is just.... sit there?
And you can't decide if you really enjoy that you have a day to relax or if you need to be doing something productive or if you want to be doing something fun?

Well you see, people of the blogging world, this is my life in a nutshell.

Every day... I get home from class around two and I just sit there. Usually I occupy my time watching Friends and pretending to do homework. So I've decided... I need a hobby. Or some friends. Or a job. I've applied EVERYWHERE IN THE CITY OF LOGAN and it's useless. And now the summer is coming and so it's pointless to get a job for the semester. Man growing up is just the worst! It does have it's benefits though :) I love that I can do whatever I want whenever I want. That fact is very great in my eyes.

So, what I'm trying to say is, if any of you have a hobby that I should pick up... you should tell me :) keep it cheap. Because as stated earlier, I don't have a job. So... no money is coming into my bank account.

Ok, you may now kiss the bride. Or groom.
K byee.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


If David Archuleta knew how much I love him.... He'd probably run away screaming. 
I can't even explain the love I have for him!
It's not only the fact that he's just the cutest kid EVER. Or the fact that he is just super awkwardly awesome!
It's his voice. It just.... calms me. Weird right? ha
I've happened upon David Archuleta quite a lot and to me, I think it's fate. Pretty sure we're going to get married. I'll totally wait for him when he goes on a mish. Yes, he may be like 6 inches shorter than me, but height won't even matter. Ok so yes, I am obsessed with his voice. But his life... amazes me.
He has met thousands upon millions of famous people and he could've gone downhill long ago. But no, he's going on a mission! He has influenced so many people for good. I'm so glad there's someone like him in the famous world. I look up to him. I sound like an obsessed fan. But really, he has such a strong testimony!
Especially through this rough time that I'm going through, I just turn on some David Archuleta and I'm immediately in a better mood. Especially his Christmas CD. It helped me a lot through Christmas break. He makes me realize that this gospel is the thing I need to hold tightly to in order to make it through my trials.

What I'm trying to say... Thank you David Archuleta.... for being your cute awkward strong self. There needs to be more people like you in this world.

this is me in institute Sept. 2009 creepin on him.

he saw my camera... it was awkward. 

Me and Hil at his concert November 2009

sooooooo freakin good. 

Him singing at the Spoken Word with Mo-Tab December 2010

Stadium of Fire July 2011

My beautiful mother and I at his concert December 2011

He has an amazing voice

We were there when he announced that he was going on a mish
this is my David Archuleta shirt. I also have pins. 
As you can see... I've seen him a lot :) You should listen to him. Probably right now. His song My Kind of Perfect is basically stellar. He'll sing to me one day.

Ok ok. I'm a crazed fan. Sue me.