Sunday, April 28, 2013


This semester has been a growing experience for me, that's for sure.

I still haven't completely figured out why I've experienced the things that I have, but I'm learning as I go.

I'll be honest. There's a huge chunk of me that is like that pre-pubescent child. Let me explain before your mind wanders.

I am still working on who I am as a person. There have been moments in my life where I'm like YES I've figured myself out! And then something happens and I'm back to square one. I've learned a lot this past semester about myself and such. It's very interesting learning more about the person you spend all of your time with.... that person being yourself. I think the stuff I'm learning is more on the spiritual side and in the dating world.

I've learned that I am very stubborn and I don't like appearing vulnerable. I like looking like I'm independent and I can do absolutely everything on my own. I don't like asking people for help. But I've also learned that it's ok to appear that way because no one can do it on their own. It's just hard to transition.

I've also learned that prayer works. I haven't ever been the best pray-er. In my life, I usually pray when something is going wrong. That's terrible of me. Recently though, I have prayed and I have received some peace that reassures me that God knows what he is doing.

Another thing I've learned about myself is that I stress very easily and I have a lot of feelings. My emotions like to jump out of my control. A lot. I'll be completely content and then something will happen and my stomach has dropped and I feel sick. I'm not bipolar I swear. I think I just have more emotions than I thought ha

SUMMER IS COMING. Things are great :) I'm just learning. But aren't we all? :)

New job.
New apartment.
New roommates.
New experiences.
New friends.

I usually don't enjoy change but right now, I'm embracing it and I can't wait to see what happens.

Alright children. The best piece of advice I can give and it's been adapted as my life motto is:
dont give up. have no regrets. 

Monday, April 15, 2013


I just realized I never wrote about Spring Break and how awesome it was. So... prepare yourselves.

Friday, March 8, 2013

We all met in Lehi and had dinner and my house.

Then we had a long and grueling drive to Vegas through treacherous storms. 

Once arriving in Vegas.... we passed out.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

We were on our way to the airport by 7am. Upon arrival we went through security and all the necessary protocol. 

We boarded the plane, on time, and we were on our way. I, for one, passed out almost immediately. I was exhausted from the night before still. Then I wake up to turbulence and the pilot talking. Here are his words, "The pressure valve isn't working and we won't make it the whole way. We have to turn around." So we had to turn around and go out of our way over San Francisco just in case we had to crash land. Yes you better believe I was TERRIFIED. Luckily, we arrived back in Vegas. As we were landing, the pilot comes on and says, "Yes those emergency vehicles are for us." Oh ok, thanks pilot. 

After we got off the plane, they said we would be on our way again in a couple hours. So we didn't really think twice. 

Twenty minutes later.... yeah a six hour delay. We were livid. Oh but lucky us, they gave us $8 food vouchers, said no one on that flight. $8 food vouchers?! At an airport, we could only get chips with that amount of money! Pathetic, Allegiant, pathetic. So we wiled away our time doing absolutely nothing. We did make friends though. 

FINALLY, we got back on our plane. 9 hours after we had first boarded. So, needless to say, the flight to Hawaii was very scary. We didn't trust our airlines at all. But we did arrive. Eleven hours after we were supposed to. And of course when we land, guess what was happening? Yeah, it was RAINING. Oh the luck we were having. 

Due to our late arrival, we caught the only bus leaving the airport. Which took us nowhere near our hotel. Eventually, two buses and three taxis later, we arrived at the hotel at 2:30am. We were supposed to be there at 1:30pm. 

Once arriving at the hotel, the receptionist decides to tell us that we have to upgrade our rooms because of the number of people we had. $30 more for everyone. I had had it at that point. I cried. Embarrassing, I know. But picture this. I had planned everything TO THE TEE. I knew where we needed to be, what we needed to do, everything. And because of the delay, I was completely lost. Everyone was looking to me, and I failed them. 

The second I entered my room, I was out. Dead asleep. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Waking up, I felt very refreshed. I was relieved that the day before was over. I looked out the window and what did I see? 


I couldn't help but think, wow we are not supposed to be here. So what else could we do but pretend that it wasn't raining... So we went shopping at the street shops, got in the ocean, we basically did everything we would've done in the sun. 

We ended up having to buy ponchos just in case the rest of our vacation was drenched in rain. But lets be honest. This day was SO MUCH FUN. We all bought our souvenirs, we swam in the ocean which wasn't as cold as I thought it would be, we climbed trees, we went to a mini concert and had pineapple canoes (which are divine ps). Basically a blast and a half. We even made dinner together in our hotel rooms! It was adorable. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday was by far my favorite day. We woke up early and went to breakfast at our breakfast place, complete with coconut syrup (delish). 

THEN. We went and picked up our MOPED RENTALS. And so the adventures began. 

We looked incredible. We drove around the entire island of Oahu. We saw Haunama Bay, beautiful mountains, everything. Everyone who saw us took a picture of us ha It was so awesome. We could've caused many wrecks but we were safe in the end. We stopped at a place on the side of the road to eat (which was SO GOOD) 

We saw our friends from the airport there and gave them a ride :) 
We also went to the temple and watched the video of how it came to be. I saw some friends that go to BYU-Hawaii :) 

Then we went to Waimea Bay! And Amanda, Lance, and I drifted too far out to sea. I didn't notice how far out we were until Amanda started freaking out. She was yelling, "I'm scared Lindsay. We aren't moving anywhere. I'm scared." I was like, we're fiiiiiiiiiiine. We're ok. Then Amanda started basically drowning so I put her arm around me and Lance was there at one point helping me but then I looked over and he was back stroking. It was the FUNNIEST sight ever. I about died laughing in the midst of Amanda and I drowning. Then we hear the lifeguards over the intercom, "You three girls out there. Stay where you are. Keep calm." Lance is a girl now apparently. Then three lifeguards came out and got us and Amanda got to ride on a surfboard! They hooked a flotation device around me and my lifeguard was like shoving me to shore. Eventually I got there and all I could gasp was, I've been saved. 
What an adventure it was. 

We then left. 
Then we saw sea turtles! 

Then off to Matsumoto's!!!! Where I told everyone to get the local special.
(There isn't a local special....)
Hilarity at its finest. 

Then we had to make our way back to our hotel. We kinda sorta got lost on our way home but we eventually made it. Then we went on a walk :) Because we have a never ending amount of energy. 

I got fried. 

The end to a beautiful, magical day. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday we woke up suuuuuuuuuper early and took our mopeds for a final ride. We went to Diamond Head and saw the sunrise :) ps, my eyes were swollen. No idea why. 

We sadly had to turn in the mopeds after the sunrise :( then we went to the usual breakfast place. As usual... After, we walked to Snorkel Bob's and got snorkel gear!

We then took a bus across a part of the island to Maunawili Falls, well that's where we finally ended up. To get there, our bus driver said he knew exactly where that was and he would take us right to the base of the mountain. Yeah, he dropped us off in the middle of nowhere. We had no idea what to do. Luckily I spoke to some guys that were where we were and we hitchhiked (don't tell my mom) to the base of Maunawili Falls. It was an amazing hike. So beautiful. 

At the end of the hike there was a waterfall! We jumped in of course :) 

Such a blast. 
Time to snorkel! Found a bus, went to Kailua Bay. Snorkel time!

Fabulous day. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Woke up early. Arrived at the airport. Got Starbucks (Vanilla Bean Frap). Boarded. 

Got to Vegas. Surprisingly safe. Went to dinner with my aunt and uncle. Walked the strip (M&M factory, Coke Factory, Bellagio). Went home watched a movie. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

On to St. George for the second part of Spring Break. Where we ate with good friends, went swimming with the same friends, played Apples to Apples, and then we had a FIRE. At the fire we played glow in the dark golf :) 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Woke up in St. George, drove to Lehi, did laundry, then off to Heber with my high school friends :) In Heber we went to Dairy Keen and ate, played Around the Word ping pong, Sardines, had a fire, watched a movie. Fun. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Left Heber. Hung out in Lehi. Drove to Logan. Had yet another fire. 

An end to a spectacular break :) 

And that, my friends, is closure. Bada bing.