Saturday, May 7, 2011


First semester at Utah State COMPLETE.

Man oh MAN did I have an awesome semester!! Freakin heck. Who KNEW transferring from Westminster to here would be the BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE! :) The people here just.... amaze me! I seriously love them. Since I love them so much.... I decided to write about them. Weird, I know.

OK first off, I would like to discuss Benjamin "Creamstick" Kronk. This kid is honestly one of the most influential people I've ever met. I don't think he realizes how much of an impact he has on people's lives. I look up to my little creamstick a ton. He is bluntly honest and he tells you what you need to hear, he gives great advice, he cares about everyone, he's hilarious, and he's downright ATTRACTIVE. Let's be honest here. Benjamin taught me a lot about myself and he became one of my best friends up here. He listened to everything I had to say and comforted me when I needed it and he has some GREAT one liners. ha I can't even express how sad I am that we won't be neighbors anymore. I just had my final goodbye hug from him and it was the BEST hug ever :) Long and meaningful. Love those hugs :) Gosh I'm going to miss him.

Next I wanna talk about Brenton Jordan Hull. Or as I like to call him "B-ren-tizzle". Man this kid is amazing. He's not only the nicest guy I've ever met but he's also spiritually strong, funny, good-looking, and just about as perfect as they come. I've learned more about myself here at Utah State because of him and Ben than I have anywhere else. Brenton makes me want to be a better person just so I feel like I'm worthy to talk to him. He doesn't realize how awesome he really is and it kills me. He's such a strong individual and he's such a great example to everyone. I have the MOST fun with him, we are so much alike but our differences mesh so well. His strengths are my weaknesses and he helps me to become the person I want to be and I feel like I'm rubbing off on him too. We have so many similar ideas about life and we have similar interests. I am so blessed to have met Brenton. He's had a huge influence on me and we've only known each other a short time but I feel like I've known him for much longer! Did I mention how freakin attractive he is?! Gosh he's good looking.

Anyways, these two have made the biggest impact on me up here and I hope our friendships will last :) They're seriously the greatest!!
Life up here is so super fantastic, I don't want to leave! Even after CLEANING for hours upon hours and packing for more hours upon hours, I still don't want to leave! I have loved every minute of it up here and I can't wait to come back in August! Sorry I'm a boring blogger. I will work on my cleverness and creativity and think of something better to write next time. But until then.....

May the force be with you.
Thank you and good night. To one and to all.

Brenton :)

Creamstick :)