Tuesday, February 7, 2012


If David Archuleta knew how much I love him.... He'd probably run away screaming. 
I can't even explain the love I have for him!
It's not only the fact that he's just the cutest kid EVER. Or the fact that he is just super awkwardly awesome!
It's his voice. It just.... calms me. Weird right? ha
I've happened upon David Archuleta quite a lot and to me, I think it's fate. Pretty sure we're going to get married. I'll totally wait for him when he goes on a mish. Yes, he may be like 6 inches shorter than me, but height won't even matter. Ok so yes, I am obsessed with his voice. But his life... amazes me.
He has met thousands upon millions of famous people and he could've gone downhill long ago. But no, he's going on a mission! He has influenced so many people for good. I'm so glad there's someone like him in the famous world. I look up to him. I sound like an obsessed fan. But really, he has such a strong testimony!
Especially through this rough time that I'm going through, I just turn on some David Archuleta and I'm immediately in a better mood. Especially his Christmas CD. It helped me a lot through Christmas break. He makes me realize that this gospel is the thing I need to hold tightly to in order to make it through my trials.

What I'm trying to say... Thank you David Archuleta.... for being your cute awkward strong self. There needs to be more people like you in this world.

this is me in institute Sept. 2009 creepin on him.

he saw my camera... it was awkward. 

Me and Hil at his concert November 2009

sooooooo freakin good. 

Him singing at the Spoken Word with Mo-Tab December 2010

Stadium of Fire July 2011

My beautiful mother and I at his concert December 2011

He has an amazing voice

We were there when he announced that he was going on a mish
this is my David Archuleta shirt. I also have pins. 
As you can see... I've seen him a lot :) You should listen to him. Probably right now. His song My Kind of Perfect is basically stellar. He'll sing to me one day.

Ok ok. I'm a crazed fan. Sue me.