Thursday, March 7, 2013



I am free :) I feel free. I am free. I be free.


Yesterday. Was a good day.

I've recently been struggling with one particular individual. One of which I dated. I couldn't seem to drop him. He wasn't the greatest for me. BUT. I completely cut it off on Monday. Blocked number. Blocked email. Blocked Facebook/I deleted my Facebook.

And I feel..... AMAZING. This weight that I've been carrying because of our situation is GONE. I seriously feel so free! I'd recommend it to anyone.

Yesterday was a good day because I literally saw almost everyone I know on campus and it made me realize that I DO have friends! I have friends that care a lot about me and that love when I'm happy and hate when I'm sad. I have friends that would do anything for me! And that was an incredible realization yesterday. I also realized that I had people in my life that I don't need in my life because they aren't the kind of influences or friends I will ever need. So I feel good. I had good conversations. I went to Institute. I went bowling with my good friends. It was just so good!

And then today came and I'm working but I feel wonderful because I'm about to have the best week of my life.

Next week is Spring Break. I'm going to..... wait for it.... pause for effect.....
HAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. I'll be in Hawaii for five days. Then I'll be spending Thursday in St. George. Friday morning I'll leave St. George and head to Heber to spend time with my high school friends. We will be PAINTBALLIN' it up. Best week ever? I dare you to fight me on that.

I'd like to make a couple of shout outs.
First one goes to Tracie Paul. She's been amazing through all of this. I can count on her when I'm struggling and she knows exactly what to do to make me feel better. She's amazing people. If there was one person in the world I'd want everyone to know, it would be her.

Second one goes to my mother. Yes. My mother. She knows exactly how I felt in that dating situation and she talked me through it all. She told me I was strong and that I could handle anything if I set my mind to it. And I realized she's right! I am stronger than I think. And I deserve to be happy!

Wonderful people guys. There are so many superb people in this world. And I need to remember that. Because sometimes it seems like there are too many rude people who like to betray you on this good earth. But that is not true! Don't believe it. Even if it crosses your mind.

Alright peeps. I'm out. Thanks for listening.... or reading I guess. I will be writing after Spring Break to tell ALL that happened, don't you fret.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

this is what i want.

Hello people.

So today I've been listening to the LDS Hymns of Worship Pandora station while I've been at work. I've decided I'm going to listen to this everywhere I go. I feel so calm and at peace when I listen to it.

I want to be better.
Better at life.
Better at this gospel.
Better at school.
Better at making friends.
Just.... better.

I haven't been completely happy lately. I've just kinda.... been here. ha All I do is go to school and work. So these are the things I'm going to do.

1. I'm going to read a General Conference talk once a week.
2. I'm going to pray every morning and night on my knees away from my bed.
3. I'm going to read Emily Freeman's book Becoming His and apply it to my life.
4. I'm going to read the scriptures once a day.
5. I'm going to attend the temple once a week. Alone.
6. I'm going to do one act of service a day. At least.
7. I'm going to put myself out there more. Talk to anyone. Remember everyone.
8. I'm going to stop over working myself and focusing on money. There is more to life than money.
9. I'm going to start strengthening my muscles. I'm a weakling.
10. I'm going to BE HAPPY.

I will be thinking of others before I think of myself from now on.
Through these things, I know I'll become happier.

On a less serious note.....
I'M GOING TO HAWAII IN FIVE DAYS. Spring break here I come! :)