Monday, November 11, 2013

Life.... is about over.

Well guys. I haven't blogged for about 53 years but here I am again.

I literally JUST registered for my final semester of college. did you hear me properly? I said FINAL SEMESTER OF COLLEGE. I have this mindset where I'm like yeah.... graduating.... sweet.... cool.... no homework.... yeah..... and then there are moments where I'm like WHAT THE FREAK AM I GOING TO DO? WHERE AM I GOING TO GO?? WHERE WILL I LIVE?! One of those moments is.... right now.

Here's the plan for now:

May 3--graduate from Utah State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing
May 3-20--work work work. Work until my legs fall off. Workity work work shmork.
May 20-25--Pack. Move stuff somewhere TBD.
May 26--Fly to London.
May 27-June 4--Be in England and potentially Scotland
June 4--Fly to Italy
June 5-June 17--Be in Italy (Rome, Florence, etc.) and potentially surrounding countries
June 17--Fly to Australia
June 17-??--Be in Australia
??-??--Fly to New Zealand
??-??--Be there
??-??--Fly to Fiji
??-??--Be in Fiji
??-??--Fly home

When I get home, I have three plans. All of which are very very up-in-the-air.

Plan A:
Start an internship at Time Out For Women that will hopefully lead to a job :) (I have two connections there so hopefully this is promising)
Live somewhere with friends (I refuse to move home)

Plan B:
Internship at Color Vibe turns into a job where I can travel and love love love my job AND stay in Logan. Keep on living at Legacy with my beautiful roommates and amazing friends.

Plan C:
Apply for jobs like crazy when I get home, both in state and out of state, and hope I get one. And wherever I get one... I will move there. And I will start a completely new chapter of my life. One where I will have no idea what I'm doing and it could be the most terrifying thing... but it will lead to the absolute best experiences and I will grow from it.

So when I say life is about over... I mean my current life is about to end and I'm about to embark on a whole new phase of my life. And what a phase it will be.