Monday, October 31, 2011

one piece at a time.

Wanna know what my title means? I bet you're DYING to know what my title means. Still puzzled beyond your wildest dreams? You really want to know? Ok I will tell you. Like... right now.

Right after I got done talking to my advisor... I felt this ginormous weight lifted off of me. I was immediately happy. And I had been having a rough week to say the least. So to feel happy... I know that I made a good decision. Hopefully I still feel that way when I start my actual classes. ha That'll be interesting :) I'm so relieved. Ahhhhhhhhhh! ha

In other exciting news.... It's Halloween! I really enjoy Halloween. Like a lot more than I thought I did. I love carving pumpkins, going to haunted corn mazes, DRESSING UP, watching scary movies, livin it up during creep week, enjoying fall. Man it's a great time of year.
Yes. This is the haunted corn maze that I was
chased by a clown through.

Yes. I carved this.

Yes. I was a cat lady.

Yes. We enjoyed creep week.

In other even better news... that means Christmas is coming up. Yeah. You heard right. I love Christmas.
Christmas music.
Christmas decorations.
Christmas movies.
I am in love with David Archuleta's Christmas CD.
I am in love with decorating according to Christmas standards.
I am in love with watching The Grinch, Christmas Vacation, and Elf.
I am in love with Christmas.
And what it symbolizes.
The Church is true. Mmhmm.
Anyway, that's not for a while so moving on.

I applied to work at Disneyland next semester. I hope I get it. I would love that. I'm on the second interview of the interview process :)
I ALSO have a job interview at Pac Sun tomorrow. That would be nice to get that job as well.

I'm grateful for my life right now. It's going in the right direction and that's all I can ask for! I wish I knew what I was in store for in my future but I'm loving life up here in Logan, UT. It is spectacular here :) one of the best atmospheres I've ever been in. A good friend told me that I need to learn how to be happy with whatever happens and I need to feel more comfortable in my self. So right now my goal is to work on me. I've been really focusing on my major and dating. I think my struggle with dating is I'm trying too hard. I've learned that if you aren't focusing sooooo much on something, it will happen when you least expect it. I also think God is trying to tell me that I have a lot of stuff I need to work on with me before I welcome a significant other into my life. That is completely true. I have a lot of me I need to better. This is my goal right now. I believe I can do this :) I think I will write it down on here so I can see it. I don't think anyone reads my blogs anyway so I may as well spill my thoughts onto the page.
1. I need more confidence.
2. I need to read my scriptures daily.
3. I need to pray both morning and night.
4. I need to make my prayers sincere.
5. I need to be more patient.
6. I need to be more comfortable in my skin.
7. I need to be more organized.
8. I need to be more studious.
9. I need to be a better friend.
10. I need to be more selfless.
11. I need to sort out my priorities.
12. I need to be more independent.
13. I need a better attitude about things.
14. I need to be more understanding.
15. I need to develop a better relationship with God.
16. I need to strengthen my testimony.

I stopped at 16 because that was my soccer number. And I couldn't think of any more.
I will be working on these things one at a time so I can make them habit. This will be a great learning experience for me but it will be SO worth it. I will come out a better person and I can't wait to see who I become :)
No regrets. Ever :)
Well for now children, get creepin. Halloween is upon us.
Peace. With love, the Dragon Slayer.
Japanese party. Big hit. 

Our FHE family is bomb.

New friends! Good stuff right thurr. 
Farewell my peeps. Boo.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Accio Boyfriend.

I... am obsessed with Harry Potter.

On this day, October 8, I attended a Harry Potter party up at the Museum of Anthropology. It honestly was not that exciting. BUT the people there were dressed up. And I LOVED it. I tried pumpkin juice. Wanna know what it tastes like? LIQUID BABY FOOD. Literally. I can still smell it and that was about two hours ago. It wasn't good at all. But I love Harry Potter. So wanna know what I did? I drank it all. Mmhmm. I'm an avid fan. I was also sorted by the Sorting Hat. I was put in Hufflepuff. Wanna know some weird facts? I took a quiz online to see which house I was in (of course I did, I'm obsessed) and I was put in Hufflepuff! Freakin heck, magic is real.

Did you know that there is an Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook?? Chyeah. Ima purchase it ASAP.

My roommates and I were having a Harry Potter discussion last week and we decided we would just...... die if magic was real. Do you know how awesome that would be?? Like my title states, that is the first spell I would cast. Just puttin that out there. haha

Ok, enough of this. But just know... Harry Potter is fantastically wonderfully spectacular. For realllllll.
Never use Sectumsempra.
Or Avada Kedavra.

Mmk, buuuuhhhh byeee.

Harry Potter 7 Part 2 Premiere. Professor Trelawney :)

Harry Potter 7 Part 1 Premiere :) Gryffindor student

Harry Potter 6 Premiere! Harry Potter :) 
 I attended all of the midnight showings BUT I wasn't obsessed with taking pictures until the sixth premiere unfortunately. But growing up with Harry Potter was amazing. Such a great childhood.

Friday, October 7, 2011

this is for you, Ryanne Niedert.

I... am a terrible blogger.
I want to be good. I do. BUT. I struggle with coming up with things to write about.
Yes, I know you're thinking, but Lindsay your life is seriously SO exciting! You have a ton to write about!
Well, reader.... you are wrong.
Yes my roommates and I threw a fiesta that is now known around Logan as "La Fiesta de Domingo".
Yes we are throwing a Japanese night next Sunday and we think we're going to have a lovely turnout.
And yes I met my other half at a magician/comedian show.
But no. Life isn't too exciting. See?

Ok ok. That was all a big fib.
My life ROCKS. Listen to this. Follow closely. Don't read too quickly or else you may need to sit down from the thrill you're about to receive. (I don't know why you'd be standing up reading my blog anyway).

Here it goes:
Intramural Champion of Outdoor Soccer. High Scorer on First Math Test. Undecided Major as a Junior in Colleger. A TRUE Aggie. A successful sink cleaner thrice times over. Psych Addict. New Girl fan. Food Eater. Deprived Sleeper. Church Attender. LDS Appreciator. Pray-er. Harry Potter lover. Fanny pack wearer. Wildlife Enthusiast. New Friend Maker. Ima Clubber. Now a part of 5 different clubs. Movie Watcher. Love Life Seeker. Homework Doer. No Longer a Facebooker. Words With Friends Player. Oh, don't forget Hanging with Friends. Job Finder. Adventererererer.

This is my life in a nutshell. Ha. Ha. Ha. That's the name of my blog. Man I'm original.
I. Love. Logan. Seriously. I am meant to be here. When I go to Lehi... blah. I can't even wait to leave! But Logan.... is fantastic. Maybe that's why I can't find a major, I wanna be here FOREVER. Guess I'll just go to school for 500 years. Nbd.

I must blog an experience I had on Wednesday. Anna, Shelby, and I went to our weekly activities with the Friends of the Elderly Club (I love the oldies, they warm my soul.) and this week happened to be the Talent Show. So, since Anna, Shelby, and I are like the MOST talented people in the world, we decided to put our skills to use on the pots and pans and cheese grater. We played Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree. It was... what's a good word choice... EPIC. They all sang along and laughed and our faces turned multiple shades of red but it was AWESOME. Yes, we can be clever some days. It was wonderful. I enjoyed it. And so did Evelyn. She told me so herself. She even said she wants us to come back every week and play for her. She requested White Christmas. Yeah, we'll see how that goes.

Blogging is actually quite fun! I forgot. Haven't posted since June. But then this little piece of heaven entered my life by the name of RYANNE and she told me to blog. Wanna know what I said to her? I said ok. Obviously. Here I am... blogging. She's a real winner that one. So I guess I'll start blogging more because my number one fan just started "following" me. Man... that sounds so creepy... "She started following me..." Wow. Ok I'm done.
Go go Power Rangers. I choose you, Pikachu. Byee :)
You happen to be looking at a bunch of champions.

Isn't she heavenly?

ALWAYS have your megaphone available.

daaaaaaah paint dance.

fetchin adorable. 

uh hola. we gave out smaaarties from dee paaaarty.

yes. we are legit. pinata named Pablo=destroyed. by yours truly.

dern sink cleaners. ANNIHILATION.
My life... so peachy.