Thursday, May 17, 2012

bummer summer. i think not.


Guys. Seriously. Life is wonderful.
I found a job. A full time job at that. I never have to work nights or weekends. Man oh man is that great.
I have SUPER roommates. I miss my old roommates. A lot. But I love my new one :)
I got in to the Marketing program. Yes, yes I did. I'm very excited about this.

Let me just explain an average day.
Work 7-3.
FUN 3-midnight. This includes sand volleyball, fires, ultimate frisbee, BBQ, games, friends, eating.
Then every night Anna and I fall asleep to a Disney movie.
That, my friends, is the life. Right thurr.

I hope I didn't just jinx my summer completely. But it's nice to have some good things happening to me for a change :) I'm very grateful. It's been a struggle since Thanksgiving because of my father and I'm very glad I have finally found happiness :) I've completely dropped the dating game and I feel fantastic! It's like a giant weight has been lifted from me. It'll come when it comes. I need to work on me right now and I've definitely realized that. I have trusting issues. BIG trusting issues. With guys. Unfortunately. But it'll pass!

I'm so glad I think I feel comfortable enough to put this on here. It's whatevs. If you guys bother to read it you might as well know my crap... Don't you love trying to make your blog entertaining to other people? It's a struggle. So please feel entertained by this. Or else I won't feel accomplished... Ok I'll be absolutely fine if you aren't entertained. Let's be honest.

Well children. Three cheers for summer. Let dem good times rollllllllll.  Shalom.