Thursday, December 8, 2016

First Marriage. Then Honeymoon.

Jeff & I got married! And I'm here to talk about it a year and a half later... hopefully I remember everything. I need to be better at this whole blogging thing.

So. The night before our wedding was the greatest way to leave my single life! I went and picked Kammi Hunt up from the airport and we ran errands for the wedding (garter...). Then we went to Pizza Factory, which is where I've gone for all of the milestones in my life! After we ate, my aunt Wendy came over and she gave me fake eyelashes while they watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. That was AWFUL. It was the most uncomfortable thing I've ever done. I hated fake eyelashes. And it took so long that they went through the entire movie before we were done! After that torture was over, we finished the centerpieces. Wendy was a huge help because she's trendy and I am not :) THEN we went and got pedicures, where we saw a lady get basically her entire foot cheese-grated off. It was disgusting. After pedicures, we went back to my house and had a pizza party and all of my bridesmaids were there! Kammi Hunt, Kelly Norman, Dayna Winter-Nolte, Anna Butterfield, Tracie Mitchell, my sister, and my honorary bridesmaid Paige Pitcher (I didn't think she would make it for the wedding but she did!) We played Telestrations after we ate and it was a blast! Then everyone slept over except Anna and we fell asleep to The Wedding Singer. It was the perfect night.

The next morning, I was up at 7am. Wendy did my makeup and hair while everyone else was getting ready. My mom, my grandparents, and I had to be at the temple by 9:30am so we headed out while the bridesmaids and everyone got ready. We went to Brett's house and picked up Jeff and headed to the temple. Once we got there, Jeff and I separated and my mom and I went to the bride's room. After getting dressed in my temple attire, Jeff and I met up and we had to sit in the celestial room for FOREVER. I was so anxious. FINALLY they came and got us and took us to the sealing room. It was amazing. My family, his family, our friends. Man it was awesome. After the sealing, Wendy met us in the bride's room and helped me get in my wedding dress and she fixed my hair and makeup and secured my flower crown and I was ready! Jeff and I walked out those doors to everyone and we heel clicked ha (we had been planning to do that since we got engaged haha) We went around hugging everyone and I was just the happiest. The weather was BEAUTIFUL, slightly hot, but just perfect. We took pictures and then everyone headed to the luncheon while Keala took pictures of just me and Jeff. Pictures of just us took forever. But they are beautiful so totally worth it. The luncheon was held at a church in North Salt Lake and we got lost on the way there so everyone had been waiting for a while for us. At the luncheon, we had Costa Vida and it was delicious. The luncheon was somewhat of a blur. We cleaned up real quick and then we had to race to Lehi so we could go set up some decor at the Gardens at Dry Creek. There was awful traffic on the way down so everyone was late for family pictures so we were still taking family pictures when people started showing up haha also, Keala still hadn't taken pictures of the decor so she cleared out the entire area so she could snap those real quick, so to distract everyone we started a line. I really didn't want to do a line but we had to. Seeing everyone and meeting new people was a blast! So many people came! We cut the line short so we could do the cake and I did exactly what I wasn't supposed to do and I shoved the cake right up Jeff's nose. I got him so good. Right after the cake, Tracie came over and grabbed my hand and took me to the dance floor and started dancing. I just went along with it and started dancing with her! But then I saw that other people slowly started to join her and they were doing the same dance moves... then she sat me in a chair and they brought Jeff and a chair out and there was A FLASH MOB!!! I was DYING. It was to Marry You by Bruno Mars. My mom was the best to watch :) It was seriously amazing. Best part of the reception for sure. After the flash mob, we did the garter toss on a frisbee. No guys were joining so we had to force people. My best friend Aaron Vera ended up catching it! Jeff's cousin caught the bouquet. I threw it super far back haha whoops. Then it was time for the send off. Everyone lined up along the sidewalk with sparklers and Jeff had to drive a motorized scooter uphill and around a bend. It was terrifying. He almost drove off into the trees at the bend. But we made it and it was perfect. Anna decorated the scooter and it was super cute :) Everything went perfectly. We went to my mom's house and grabbed our luggage and headed to the Sheraton in Salt Lake. My parents had sent a basket to our room full of treats and we needed it because we were STARVING. We didn't get to eat any of our reception food! So we inhaled that basket haha

Let's skip a few hours :)

Honeymoon Day 1
We had to be up at 3:40am to catch our flight so we had a taxi come pick us up from the Sheraton and we headed to the airport. We had a layover in LA and we ended up just wandering aimlessly looking for our gate. We finally found it and were off to Mexico City for another layover. We got through customs just fine but we got stopped at security because we had lube in our bag.... (so embarrassing). The ladies at security were speaking Spanish and laughing at us. It was so embarrassing. Anyway, then we were off to Cancun! We had booked someone to pick us up so when we arrived, we saw someone that had my name on a sign! I LOVE when there are signs with my name on them! Makes me feel important. On the flight, I had mentioned to Jeff that my biggest fear is me being in charge of travel plans and we go to the hotel and there's no room under my name or something along those lines. So our ride ended up dropping us off at the wrong hotel, of course. We went to the counter and they couldn't find my name anywhere. It was super late and I started freaking out. Then as we were walking away, trying to figure out what to do, the desk clerk said that there was a hotel next door with the same name that we could check. We walked over there and luckily it was the right one! We had a ground level room. We immediately passed out when we got there.

Honeymoon Day 2 
We slept in so hard. When we woke up, we were starving. So we walked down the main strip until we found something that looked good. We seriously walked like 2 miles before we saw an Outback Steakhouse that caught our attention. After eating, we went through the street markets and looked at all of the knick knacks. We headed back to our hotel and decided to check out the pool and the beach. At the pool, we met Magdelia and Abraham. Everything he said was like a punchline in a movie except it wasn't funny. But that was how he said everything. We quickly found an excuse to leave. We went to our room and ended up falling asleep. By the time we woke up, it was dinner time so we just ordered room service and watched the 1 channel our TV had. It was MTV and they played the same 3 songs over and over again. Nadia Como Tu. Whip Nae Nae. This other Spanish song. We ended up "loving" the Nadia Como Tu song strictly because of the music video. It's very entertaining. After dinner, we walked on the beach and went to VIPS for milkshakes and Coke. Which, according to Jeff, was the best Coke he'd ever had. And that milkshake was DIVINE. Then we went to bed. A real lazy day.

Honeymoon Day 3 
We slept in. Again. We could not stop sleeping. We were exhausted. We went to VIPS again and got breakfast this time before we headed out to go parasailing. Parasailing was beautiful! The water was the prettiest blue and the weather was absolutely perfect. Once we were done, we went on a way fun wave runner ride through the waves in the ocean! Super fun. Then, pool time. Then another nap (seriously so tired). Then, the market again to buy souvenirs. While we were out looking at the markets, we decided to eat a the Taco Factory where they put our faces on beer bottles! We didn't buy them. But we wanted to. We bought other souvenirs and then went to bed :)

Honeymoon Day 4 
We had to be up early this day because we were going swimming with dolphins! We went to McDonald's for breakfast and then took the most expensive taxi ride ever to Dolphinaris. It was raining. It always rains on my vacations. Always. When we first got there, we learned about dolphin habits and anatomy, how the place runs, everything we needed to know about Dolphinaris and the dolphins. Finally, we were able to get in the pool with them! We watched them jump, spin, shake, talk, tail walk, and paint a picture. We were able to pet them, kiss them, receive a kiss, ride on their bellies, do a dorsal ride, a foot push, high five them, and dance with them. It was MAGICAL. I loved every second of it!! We also went scuba diving with them and they kissed our cheeks under water :) We got a free meal in between all of the fun and a free entrance into the water park that was also a part of Dolphinaris. So on one of our breaks, we went on all of the slides! It was such a fun day :) On the expensive taxi ride home, we got to stop at the Cancun sign and take a picture. Once we were back at the hotel, we ate from a taco stand and went to VIPS for milkshakes again. Then bed.

Honeymoon Day 5 
We had to be up early again because we had a Chichen Itza tour. We upgraded to the Plus tour once we got there so we could get free drinks and a picture in front of Chichen Itza. The picture in front of Chichen Itza actually ended up being a giant picture OF Chichen Itza and not the actual place. It looked so real..... NOT. On the bus ride to Chichen Itza, we sat by a couple that complained about small windows and how to use an iPad correctly. It was hilarious to eavesdrop. On the way, we stopped at a Mayan town to see the church. The people are SO SMALL. We stopped again right outside of Chichen Itza to eat at a lunch buffet. We bought a Mayan calendar and a statue. While we ate, the Mayans performed a dance while balancing things on their head. It was very entertaining! Once lunch was over, there was a CRAZY rain storm that hit! Once it calmed down, we went to Chichen Itza. It was very cool to walk around and learn about the history. We read every sign there. We learned that when there was war, it was settled in a game of ball where you hit it through a loop with your hip. Pretty interesting stuff! There were people trying to sell us things EVERYWHERE though. So obnoxious! And everything they were selling was the same. Once we were done walking around, we got nachos and some ice cream :) On the way back to Cancun, we stopped and went swimming in a cenote! Super pretty and super cool! We fell asleep on the drive back to the hotel and went straight to bed once we got there.

Honeymoon Day 6 
We were up early again for our Xplor tour. This place was legit. We could go normal zip lining, hammock zip lining, ride ATVs through puddles and caves, underground river rafting, underground river swimming, and there was a lunch buffet! It was a blast! We could do anything and everything so we were very busy all day running from one thing to the other. The lunch buffet was somewhat of a letdown because they had NO Mexican food. None! In Mexico! They tried too hard to cater to tourists. There was Italian, American, and even Chinese! But no Mexican. They did, however, have the best ice cream and cone I've ever had.

Honeymoon Day 7 
We got to sleep in again. Then we took a bus to Playa Tortugas and went bungee jumping! It was beautiful. Not a very high bungee jump but super fun nonetheless. And we went under water when we jumped! Then we had drinks on the pier and just chilled for a bit. We took the bus back to our hotel and had some pool time and then dinner at VIPS. We bought sick matching hats and watched the sunset on the beach. Once it was dark, we had to go and pack up our stuff because we had an early morning. Then bed.

Honeymoon Day 8
Up at 2:30am. We had someone picking us up and taking us to the airport. Once we arrived, this dumb guy pestered us for a tip because he carried our bags into the airport. I was so mad! He just grabbed them and walked inside and then wouldn't leave us alone until we tipped him. So we did unfortunately. We had a LOT of airport time this day. On our layovers, we watched What About Bob, played games, and ate a lot. When we finally got to Salt Lake, Brett picked us up and took us back to his place because he was car-sitting for us. We had Sasha (my car) there and my dad's red car. Sasha had actually been stolen while we were gone and Brett didn't notice because there was another Honda Civic in his parking lot haha totally not his fault she was stolen. We called the towing company, hoping that they had towed it away, but no luck. So we called the cops and filed a report and took the red car back to Logan. The cops called me the next day and they had found Sasha in a neighboring apartment complex  totally ripped to shreds. She had knife scrapes all along her ceiling, everything in the car had been taken out, and the steering wheel was jacked up (I don't even know what they were trying to do there...). They found a lunch box in her with the name of Guadalupe. So CURSE YOU GUADALUPE. CURSE YOU.

And there was our honeymoon :) thanks for reading.

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