Thursday, November 13, 2014

real life.

Adjusting to real life is hard.

First of all, adjusting after traveling is rough. The jet lag... The culture shock I got from Thailand... Working again... Paying bills... Blah.

The jet lag killed me for like 2 weeks. I couldn't sleep at the right time! Also, the culture shock from Thailand carried over just a tad bit... I bowed whenever I said thank you for a few days but that wore off quickly. And sitting at work 8 hours again KILLED ME. I was sooooo antsy. That still hasn't wore off.

Second of all, I had to adjust to graduated life. No one warns you about this! All they say is working 9-5 is hard to adjust to. But that's not even the worst of it.

You have to find stuff to fill your time when you get home every day at 5pm. All of your friends are still students so they have homework and work and stuff after 5 so you have to find hobbies. Which is HARD.

You can't play intramurals anymore which was the ONLY form of exercise that I ever got. So now I have to find city leagues if I want to enjoy the sport I love.

You have to start paying back your loans. That doesn't need explaining. Just know it's awful and it will take me 10 year to pay them off.

I miss being busy.

Third of all, I had to adjust to having a boyfriend.

Yes you read that correctly. I, Lindsay Judd, have a boyfriend. We became official the first week we were back. We're going on 3 months now! Wuuuuuudup.

It does take some adjusting to when you've become pretty independent. But not bad to adjust to and that is definitely something I will adjust for. He is grand.

So. The graduated life has many many many adjustments. But it is also a beautiful thing. No homework. No tests. When I'm done with work, I'm DONE. The world is my burrito! I can do whatever I want with my life now!

Right now, I'm working on finding a hobby that I want to learn. I think I'm going to pick up a part-time job so I can actually afford my own life. And I joined a city soccer league. And it's almost the holidays. And I'll probably start planning my next trip soon. So... it'll all come together eventually, right?

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